How to Find Community Service Near Me.

Order Your list of Community Service work sites near your house now!

Your list will include names, addresses and contact information for non-profit sites near you. This list will help you find Community Service hours nearby.

Local Community Service Locations Near Me

Community Service 101 has partnered with several non-profit charities to provide you with options for completing your community service at a location near your home. Our list has been used to satisfy Community Service requirements for Federal,State, County and Local courts.

  • Our program is recommended, approved and used by Probation Officers, Judges, Attorneys, and Courts around the country.
  • We have helped hundreds of people to complete their community service hours.
  • We have a huge database of non-profit worksites, for finding local community service projects.
  • We have time-sheets, letters of completion and other paperwork often required by the courts to prove you completed your community service.
  • We guarantee we can find community service projects near you!

A sample of what you will receive.

  • The few names below are just a sample of the list you will receive.
  • You will receive many more names and all will be local non-profits in your area
  • Names and Numbers have been changed - sample only
  • The Childrens Life Project
    717 S. Cocoa Blvd., Cocoa, FL 32922
    Contact: Chris Zeek at (866) 281-8209
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    6767 North Main, Melbourne, FL 32940
    Contact: James Dunn at (321) 255-5096

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