Court Ordered Community Service Ideas for Community Service Workers

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Court-Ordered Community Service Near Your Home

Court ordered community service can be difficult to find. With the help of our approved community service partners, we have created a way for you to search and find court ordered community service near your home. Sign up now to receive a list of non-profit work sites accepting community service volunteers. After you have completed your hours, the worksite will provide you with a letter validating your service as required for court.

Non-Profit Organizations

CS101 has partnered with several non-profit charities to provide you with many ideas and options for completing your community service. These ideas allow individuals to complete their community service quickly and easily.

Getting Hours Approved for Court Ordered Community Service

It is always important to remember that you must have your hours approved by the person who you report to. As a general rule most work that is supervised by a non-profit organization and provides a service to the general public or community will be accepted as community service. You may also have additional restrictions. Always check!

Lists of Non-Profit Locations for Community Service

We have listings of non-profit locations for the Cities listed below and many others. Just click on your City to get your list of pre-approved locations. These locations can be used to satisfy Court ordered Community Service requirements for court.


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Community Service Workers growing vegetables for dontion to local food pantry.