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Community Service 101 list of Non-Profits

It is completely free to search for court ordered community service ideas using the search tools above but we do have other options available if you need additional ideas.

We have a large database of non-profit organizations in every state that frequently need volunteer help with community service projects. This is a great way to find community hours for court. We do charge a fee to access our list of non profits with community service or volunteer needs. This fee is charged to cover expenses such as materials, training and staff time. When you sign up for our paid program our staff will help and support you with finding projects, getting accepted for assignments, documenting your hours and submitting the correct paperwork to the courts and/or your lawyer. etc. There is a $45 registration fee to enroll in our program and we guarantee we can help you find community service projects that will fit your situation. Our programs are designed to help you get your hours done. No matter what your situation. No matter how many hours you have. We can help you get your hours finished on time.

Our program is recommended, approved and used by Probation Officers, Judges, Attorneys, and Courts around the country. We have helped hundreds of people to complete their community service hours for the last 9 years. During this time we have created a huge database of non-profit worksites, online work-at-home assignments and other resources for finding community service projects. We also have the time-sheets, letters of completion and other paperwork that is often required by the courts to prove you completed your community service.

When you sign up for our program, your information will instantly be sent to our office and you will be assigned to a Community Service Specialist with years of experience in finding Community Service projects at non-profit locations. Your community service specialist will create a time-sheet for you and then they will email you with full instructions for getting hours to fill your time-sheet and help you to get your community service hours complete as quickly as possible. Your specialist will keep in touch with you, listen to your concerns and help you with any special needs. Online projects are available and your specialist will help you to find and complete these as soon as you sign-up.

Program Details

The $45 program fee covers everything you need during your first month of services with CS101. Most people only need our services for 1 month and are able to complete their hours quickly with the tools we provide. If you need more time your membership will automatically renew after 30 days. You may print out your community service timesheet/reports and cancel your membership any time.

After you pay... A Community Service specialist will contact you by email and ask you some other questions like how many hours you need to complete and where you went to court. Your answers will help us find you projects that are just right for your situation so that you can start getting hours right away.

These VIP services are only available if you sign up for our program and pay the membership fee. You will not receive an online timesheet, access to our database or a reply from one of our specialist unless you have signed up for and paid for the program above. We would like to help everyone but our staff time is dedicated to first helping people who are serious about completing hours and we will always take care of our members first.

Our community service specialist only track and record community hours for workers who are registered with our program. If a worksite contacts you directly, you will need to provide your own time-sheet and record your own hours. If you need a blank timesheet, you will need to register for our community service program and request a timesheet from your community service specialist. Blank timesheets are not provided for members of mailing list. They are only for community service workers who have paid registration fee and enrolled with our program.

Community Service

Community Service Hours

At Community Service 101 (CS101) we have several programs available to help you to get your Community Service Hours done. You can search for community service hours, non-profit organizations, local community service projects and online community service or work at home projects from this page. There is no charge to do your own search and we have provided some popular search terms to help get you started.

About Community Service 101

Community Service 101 has been helping people to get their hours done for years now. We have all the tools and resources to help you get your hours done quickly and easily. It is true that you can complete your community service hours without using our program. It is also true that you can spend weeks or even months looking for places that will accept you for community service hours. When you start to look you will quickly find that finding community service hours can be a struggle. We can simplify the process for you. We have a huge database full of contacts and resources which we can use to help you. We also have a staff of professionals who are getting paid just to help you with your community service hours. They don't work for the court. They work for you! Their job is to help you get your hours and they are good at what they do!

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