Community Service Projects available now at these Locations

Chicago 217 Naperville 103 Atlanta 84 Houston 41 Los Angeles 40 Denver 37 New York 36 Roswell 30 Phoenix 25 Seattle 23 Aurora 22 Bloomingdale 22 Tampa 21 San Diego 19 Minneapolis 19 San Francisco 17 Smyrna 17 Oswego 16 Las Vegas 16 Washington 15 Alpharetta 15 Jacksonville 14 Prospect Heights 14 Austin 14 Dallas 14 Oklahoma City 13 Duluth 12 Marietta 12 North Metro 12 Elgin 12 Orlando 11 Yorkville 11 Charlotte 11 Bellaire 11 Tempe 10 Reno 10 Ft Worth 10 Note - The number listed after each city is an estimate of how many New Court Ordered Community Service Projects have been found in our database. This number changes frequently as new court ordered community service projects are added and removed.

Chicago Glendale 9 Decatur 9 Kennesaw 9 Lilburn 9 Norcross 9 San Antonio 9 Dhaka 8 Sarasota 8 Brownsville 8 Anaheim 7 Lancaster 7 San Jose 7 Miami 7 Lawrenceville 7 Bolingbrook 7 Lombard 7 Mocksville 7 Salt Lake City 7 Richmond 7 Bellevue 7 Carlsbad 6 Parker 6 Clearwater 6 Maitland 6 Indianapolis 6 Albertville 6 Raleigh 6 Philadelphia 6 Charlottesville 6 Midlothian 6 Kirkland 6 Scottsdale 5 Chula Vista 5 El Cajon 5 Fresno 5 West Covina 5 Brandon 5 Daytona Beach 5 Ft Lauderdale 5 Ft Myers 5 Goldenrod 5 Hialeah 5 Conley 5 Forest Park 5 Batavia 5 Geneva 5 Joliet 5 Lisle 5 Orland Park 5 Palatine 5 Albuquerque 5 Cleveland 5 Columbus 5 Cranston 5 Norfolk 5 Roanoke 5 Lynnwood 5 Toronto 4 Birmingham 4 Tucson 4 Long Beach 4 Pasadena 4 San Bernardino 4 New Haven 4 Bradenton 4 Lutz 4 Melbourne 4 Orange Park 4 Pembroke Pines 4 Winter Haven 4 Athens 4 Columbus 4 Dacula 4 Scottdale 4 Tucker 4 St Charles 4 Wheaton 4 Quincy 4 Monroe 4 St Paul 4 Kansas City 4 Trenton 4 Albany 4 Checotah 4 Jenkintown 4 Nashville 4 Arlington 4 Frisco 4 Pelotas 3 Gilbert 3 Glendale 3 Berkeley 3 Carmichael 3 Folsom 3 La Jolla 3 La Puente 3 Livermore 3 Mission Viejo 3 Monrovia 3 Montebello 3 Redondo Beach 3 Sacramento 3 San Marcos 3 Sanger 3 Santa Ana 3 Torrance 3 Venice 3 West Hollywood 3 Hamden 3 North Haven 3 Boynton Beach 3 Broward County 3 Lake Worth 3 Oldsmar 3 Tavares 3 Canton 3 Macon 3 Redan 3 Snellville 3 Stone Mountain 3 Warner Robins 3 Clarendon Hills 3 Montgomery 3 Park Ridge 3 Peoria 3 Round Lake 3 Schaumburg 3 Portage 3 Louisville 3 Baton Rouge 3 Cumberland 3 Warren 3 Winston Salem 3 Tahlequah 3 Lancaster 3 Pittsburgh 3 Warwick 3 Franklin 3 Knoxville 3 Carrollton 3 Denton 3 Irving 3 Richardson 3 Quinton 3 Federal Way 3 Puyallup 3 Oakville 2 Bangalore 2 Colombo 2 Singapore 2 Lowell 2 Chandler 2 Mesa 2 Alhambra 2 Brentwood 2 Chino 2 Cupertino 2 Downey 2 Escondido 2 Hemet 2 Irvine 2 La Mirada 2

When you sign up for our basic program, your information will instantly be sent to our office and you will be assigned to a Community Service Specialist with years of experience in finding Community Service projects at non-profit locations. Your community service specialist will create a time-sheet for you and then they will email you with full instructions for getting hours to fill your time-sheet and help you to get your community service hours complete as quickly as possible. Your specialist will keep in touch with you, listen to your concerns and help you with any special needs. Online projects are available and your specialist will help you to find and complete these as soon as you sign-up.

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Our program is recommended, approved and used by Probation Officers, Judges, Attorneys, and Courts around the country. We have helped hundreds of people to complete their community service hours for the last 8 years. During this time we have created a huge database of non-profit worksites, online work-at-home assignments and other resources for finding community service projects. We also have the time-sheets, letters of completion and other paperwork that is often required by the courts to prove you completed your community service. There is a $35 registration fee to enroll in our basic program and we have a 100% money back guarantee. We also guarantee that we will help you find community service projects that will fit your situation.

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You can still fill in the form on this page and we will add you to our subscription email list. When you join our email list, our community service specialists will be able to email you whenever a special community service project comes up near your home. Non-Profit worksites near you will also be able to contact you directly if they have a special community service project and they need community service workers to help. Please be sure to unsubscribe or remove your name from this email list when you complete your community service hours.

Please note that our community service specialist only track and record community hours for workers who are registered with our basic program. If a worksite contacts you directly, you will need to provide your own time-sheet and record your own hours. If you need a blank timesheet, you will need to register for our community service program and request a timesheet from your community service specialist. Blank timesheets are not provided for members of mailing list. They are only for community service workers who have paid registration fee and enrolled with our program.

Court ordered community service can be difficult to find. Finding a community service opportunity shouldn't be that complicated...With the help of our approved community service partners, we have created a way for you to search and find court ordered community service near your home, at home or even online.

Sign up for our Community service program now to receive a list of court ordered community service worksites accepting community service volunteers. After you have completed the required hours of community service, the worksite will provide you with a letter validating your hours as required for court or school requirements.

Community Service 101 provides ideas which work well for people who have court mandated community service. Our ideas and our community service programs are designed for individuals who need to be involved in their community most. Community involvement is a necessarry part of community service and hopefully the ideas we provide for community service will benefit you, the community and everyone involved

Where can I do community service for court ordered hours in my county? I am looking for community service ideas, online options or places in Georgia with community service options or community service programs with court approved non profit agencies.

Answer. Community Service 101 has everything you are looking for. locations in your county with community service ideas, online options and places with community service options and a community service program that will help you find local court approved non profit agencies.

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Community Service Programs

We have several programs available to help you with your community service requirements. The easiest way to get updated information about our programs is to subscribe to our free mailing list on this page. Of course you can cancel anytime.

Community Service Locations

Court ordered community service listed on this page have been used to satisfy Court ordered Community Service and Community Service requirements for schools and county courts in many areas as listed below.


  • Cook County Courts community service
  • DuPage County Courts court ordered community service
  • Kendall County community service hours
  • Kane County community service work
  • School District 203 required community service
  • School District 204 non profit community service
  • Atlanta community service opportunities
  • Marietta community service non profit
  • Chicago online community service
  • Naperville community service online
  • Houston online community services
  • Los Angeles required community service
  • Denver community-service online
  • Tampa court ordered community service hours
  • Bloomingdale community service ideas
  • New York volunteer community service
  • Roswell community service opportunity
  • Phoenix 25 Seattle 23 Aurora

Community Service 101 has everything you are looking for. locations in your county with community service ideas, online options and places with community service options and a community service program that will help you find local court approved non profit agencies.

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