How to Pay for your Community Service Hours

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Ready to pay for Community Service Hours?

You want to pay for your community service hours? This is one of the questions we get all the time on our website. We can tell you how to pay for your community service hours but first you have to tell us who you are, where you went to court, how many hours you need and your deadline when you have to have your hours done. You can tell us all this when you sign up for information by filling out the email form on this page. As soon as you sign up, you will get a welcome email. Just reply back to this email telling us where you went to court and we will send you instructions to buy your community service hours. Please understand that we cannot send this information until we know where you went to court. Different courts have their own requirements for if and where you can make monetary donations. CS101 does not exchange hours for money because we know most courts will not accept this as proof of service.

We also have a guide that will help you get your Community Service Hours Done. Our new guide has recently been updated and now includes a full section about paying for community service hours. This new section includes information about several organizations and how much they charge for hours. Our most recent guide has many benefits, details, tips, and tricks that you can read about. The pros and cons of each program. How many community service hours you can get and read about the details of each program. We have done all the research and written it down so you can find the information quickly. You will get contact information for several non-profit programs. Click here to see our most recent Community Service Guide which includes:

  • A list of places near your home for community service hours.
  • A list of places you can do online hours or work at home hours.
  • A list of resources to help you find more community service opportunities.

Community service can actually be beneficial for many who perform this service to a not for profit organization. Which is how it is supposed to be performed and completed. I'm sure you have images in your head of what types of work you'd be doing, and you are probably not to far off or are you? But on the other hand community service can be fulfilling. Really? Yes, really. .

What Community Service will you choose?

Now that we've talked about the physical dirty work,the "good feeling" community service jobs, online community service choices, buying your community service hours outright, what do you do? Which is better and legal and acceptable for your situation, your county and especially your judge.

Getting Out of Community Service Ordered By the Court

So you are thinking about getting out of community service ordered by the court? Well, you do not have many options, but there have been cases and there is always an exception to the rule.

In one area an individual was in a terrible accident and was in a coma for three weeks. Through the help of his lawyer and much documentation by the hospital he was spared from doing community service because the judge accepted the doctors estimate on the time that it would take for that individual to recover from the accident; which happened to be two years of rehabilitation. In other words unless you have become physically unable to perform the service and have proof three times over you will still be required to perform the community service. Sometimes even those with severe physical limitations will still be required to perform community service duties.

This section is provided for your information only. CS101 staff does not recommend or encourage you to buy hours or pay for any community service program which offers you hours in exchange for money. If you received community service hours the Judge or person who gave them to you probably wants you to perform actual physical labor that will benefit the community where you live. CS101 does not exchange hours for money. We do sell a community service guide and we can also help you to find places to do your hours legally so that you can complete your hours without breaking the law.

Community Service Guide

We offer a Community Service guide for you to purchase. This how-to manual also includes a list of non-profit places where you can apply for community service hours along with the details of each program. You can contact them directly to see exactly how many community service hours are available and get the details of each program. You will get names, phone numbers and website addresses of several non-profit programs near you.


After you have registered and signed up for one of our programs, check your email for links and determine if you need a timesheet for court ordered community service. This website can be used to find options for community service locations and to keep track of your community service hours. If you already have a username and password, click here to login.

We are not a non-profit organization but we do maintain a database of non-profit organizations who accept court ordered community service workers in different locations.

We also provide online timesheets for court ordered community service workers which can be used to record and keep track of their hours. These timesheets for court-ordered service can be printed and submitted to the courts for review as needed.

There is a fee for some of our services and all fees are paid by workers. Reduced fees are always available for workers who are unable to pay. There is no cost for worksite managers and/or court officers to access and review timesheets for registered workers.

Trying to get out of community service hours is not a smart plan to undertake. You can purchase the CS101 Community service guide and get them done quickly and easily. It is far better to get your community service done than it is to get sent to jail and spend time behind bars.