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Want to do your community service hours online? We can help! Before we get started, lets go over a few things important to you.

  • You must have your online community service hours approved by the person who you report to.
  • You should always check to be sure that the hours you work will be accepted as community service.
  • If you do not verify online projects first, you could complete hours and find out later that your hours do not count per your requirements.
  • As a general rule most courts will not accept online hours. They will require you to work at a non-profit worksite
  • We have an extensive database of non-profit organizations who accept Community Service workers.
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Lists of Non-Profit Locations for Community Service

We have listings of non-profit locations for the Cities listed below. Just click on your City to get your list of pre-approved locations. These locations can be used to satisfy Court ordered Community Service requirements for court.


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Atlanta Community Service on facebook(1K)


California Community Service on facebook (1K)