Online Community Service Court Ordered

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Online Community Service Court Ordered

Online Community Service Court Ordered resources can be difficult to find. We have created an easy way for you to find Online Community Service Court Ordered. Fill in your info so we know how many hours you need and we will connect you with non-profits who need community service volunteers. After you have completed all your hours, the non-profit will provide you with a letter on non-profit letterhead validating your hours.

What is Online Community Service Court Ordered?

Online community service can be defined as work that you do online and keep track of your hours. Court ordered means the judge or court has ordered you to do a specified number of hours for community service credit. As a general rule most work that is supervised by a non-profit organization and provides a service to the general public or community will be accepted as community service. You may have additional restrictions. Always check!

Community Service Updates

Our staff is always working to help you find more online community service projects. The information we provide may change frequently and we will update pages as new online community service information becomes available.

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