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The information you just provided goes to Community Service 101 office and one of our specialists will look at your information to find the best way to help you. The most important thing they will look at is your deadline and how many hours you need to finish before your deadline. Your deadline is very important because this is the date the courts expect you to be finished with your hours. Community Service hours can be hard to find and many people wait too long to get started.

If you are short on time or if it will be hard for you to get enough hours to finish on time we will recommend a fast track program that can help you to get many hours quickly. We may also provide links to other programs in your area so that you can contact them directly. Many fast track programs may ask for some kind of registration or sign-up fee to help you get done quickly. Getting interviewed, accepted, scheduled and getting a completion letter printed from most non-profits will be a slow process so we would recommend you start with a fast track program as soon as possible.

If you have started early or have plenty of time you will have a much easier time finding hours. Our specialist will look at your information and start searching for active non-profits in your area. This is an important step because many non-profits will not accept court-ordered workers. We will identify the ones that are active and send your name and email address out to them. The non-profits will be encouraged to contact you directly when something becomes available. This is a slow process and many of the non-profits will not have any projects available for months. We may also email you when new online projects become available.

How long will this take

Community service projects can be difficult to find. Many places will have an interview process that you will need to go thru before they will put you on the schedule. You may have to fill out their forms and answer uncomfortable questions about why you need community service hours. They may also have a waiting list and you may not be able to begin working until another worker finishes their hours. Some places only have a few spots for workers. Some only have a few days a week when they accept community service workers.

If you are in a hurry to finish your hours we would recommend you check out the fast track programs available from CS101 and many other companies. The sooner you finish your hours, the quicker you can move on with your life. The cost of our fast track program is $45. Fast-Track CS101

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Fast-Track CS101 also includes a guide written by experts which will help you with your community service. After you read this simple guide written by experts you will be able to quickly find dozens of opportunities to complete your hours. You can review dozens of Community Service opportunities and choose something you would like to do. This guide is included with your Fast-Track program and will be emailed to you by your Community Service Specialist after you sign up.

Community Service Testimonials

Amber Sez; I discovered Community Service 101 when my juvenile daughter got caught shoplifting and I got community service hours. I signed up for their community service program and quickly got my community service hours done! At first I was suspicious, but Community Service 101 quickly turned me into a believer. Their program offers a fast way of doing your community service and I had a community service specialist to answer all my questions. Community Service 101 gets an A+ in my book.

Mike Sez; Why the hell would I pay to find community service places. I can find community service on my own. That's what I thought but after several weeks of calling and wasting my time looking for community service, I ponied up the cash and bought the list from Community Service 101. Called the first place on the list and got hired. Community service on the beach. Yeah baby.

Andre Sez; Judges in Cook county Suck. SWAP, community service, fines. I got screwed all the way around. Lucky I found Community Service 101 and my community service specialist helped me to get SWAP converted into community service hours. Got me off the chain gang and it was hellu cheaper than a lawyer.

Crystal Sez; I got my Community Service hours done. Thanks Community Service 101 for getting me into a program and getting all my papers straightened out with probation.

The Purpose of Community Service 101 is to provide access to multiple choices of community service projects. We believe that more community service choices and creative ideas make it possible to help improve the community. CS101 was created to make community involvement possible to those who are unable to locate community service programs on their own. Our customers include anyone who is struggling to find resources to complete their community service. CS101 has partnered with several non-profit charities to provide you with many ideas and options for completing your requirements. These ideas allow individuals to complete their community service quickly and easily. Community involvement is a necessarry part of community service and hopefully the resources we provide for community service will benefit you, the community and everyone involved

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Approval of Your Hours

You must have your community service hours approved by the person who you report to. You should always check to be sure that the hours you work will be accepted as community service. If you do not verify projects as acceptable community service, you could complete hours and find out later that your work does not qualify as community service per your requirements. As a general rule most work that is supervised by a non-profit organization and provides a service to the general public or community will be accepted as community service. You may have additional restrictions. Always check!