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Start Now and get your Court Ordered Community Service hours done at non-profit locations in Albuquerque NM

We are going to help you find non-profit locations in Albuquerque NM where you can complete your community service hours. We will provide what you need to get your hours done.

More Details about our Community Service Programs

We work with you to help you find community service friendly non profit organizations where you can get your Community Service Hours done. Our program is designed to help you get your hours done.

When you subscribe to our program, your information will instantly be sent to our office and a Community Service Specialist will start searching our database for non-profits near you. We can also create a time sheet to report your hours.

Our program is recommended, approved and used by Probation Officers, Judges, Attorneys, and Courts around the country. We have helped hundreds of people to complete their community service hours for the last 9 years. During this time we have created a huge database of non-profit worksites, online work-at-home assignments and other resources for finding community service projects. We also have the time-sheets, letters of completion and other paperwork that is often required by the courts to prove you completed your community service.

Community Service E-Mails

When you join our email list by filling out the form below please be sure to confirm you want info by checking your email for a confirmation message. Once you join our email list, our community service specialists will be able to email with Community Service information. Please be sure to unsubscribe or remove your name from this email list when you complete your community service hours.

Online Projects Available

We have several locations both online and near your home where you can get your community service hours. The easiest way to get your community service completed on time is to join our program.

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More Details about Albuquerque NM

In 1706 Albuquerque was founded as the Spanish colonial outpost of Ranchos de Alburquerque. Present-day Albuquerque retains much of its historical Spanish cultural heritage.

The Department of Family and Community Services provides quality health and social services, housing, recreation and education to improve the quality of life for the entire Albuquerque Community. For more information on Family and Community Services please visit their website at