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Q. What is Community Service 101 ?
A. CommunityService101.com is a password protected website created to make it easier for Workers, Non-Profit Site Managers and County Employees to keep track of court ordered community service hours.

Q. Will courts accept my timesheet?
A. As long as you provide all correct information for your case, your timesheet will be verified and the courts will accept it. Some judges will impose special restrictions. Make sure your coordinator knows if you have special terms or any restrictions from Judge.

Q. How long will it take to finish?
A. This is completely up to you. You can work as fast as you want and we always recommend you finish up as soon as possible.

Q. Can anyone else see my personal information?
A. No. Only the Site Manager where you have been assigned can see your information.

Q. Who approves my hours?
A. Your Worksite Manager where you are assigned will approve your hours and your coordinator will work with you to make sure all timesheets are filled out correctly. Please be sure to record all you hours online daily to be sure you get full credit for all hours worked.

Q. How can I get more hours?
A. Most worksites will use email to send out details on new projects. You can also leave a comment on your timesheet requesting more hours. Make sure you check your email often and let your worksite manager know you want more hours.

Q. How can I leave a comment or note for my worksite manager?
A. Login to your account. Goto your timesheet and look at the top of page where it says " Click Here to leave a message for your Worksite Manager."You can leave a comment here and your worksite manager will see your comment.

Q. What will I be doing and what should I wear?
A. All worksites have different requirements for workers and you may have to contact the worksite directly to ask for project details. Most will have cleaning, light labor and landscaping.

cs101 (8K)
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