Online options for those who Need Court ordered community service options.
Q. What is Community Service 101 ?
A. is a password protected website created to make it easier for Workers, Non-Profit Site Managers and County Employees to keep track of court ordered community service hours.

Q. Who approves my hours?
A. Your Worksite Manager where you are assigned will review all your hours. Please be sure to record all you hours online ASAP to be sure you get full credit for all hours worked.

Q. How can I get more hours?
A. Most worksites will use email to send out details on new projects. You can also leave a comment on your timesheet requesting more hours. Make sure you check your email often and let your worksite manager know you want more hours.

Q. How can I leave a comment or note for my worksite manager?
A. If you have signed up for full service you can login to your account at any time. Goto your timesheet and look at the top of page where it says " Click Here to leave a message for your worksite manager."You can leave a comment here and your worksite manager will see your comment.

Q. Can anyone else see my personal information?
A. No. Only the Site Manager where you have been assigned and County Employees with access to your Community Service files can see your information.

Q. Is there a fee to use this service?
A. Yes. There is a monthly service fee for tracking and reporting your hours. This fee is designed to encourage you to complete your hours as soon as possible. You will be encouraged to start right away and finish your hours quickly. One of our staff will immediately start helping you complete your hours and the service fee will end as soon as you complete your hours as assigned by the courts.

Q. What if I don't have a Credit Card?
A. There are several options available to you. 1. You can ask a relative or friend to make payments to your account - This will also motivate you to finish sooner because they will remind you monthly to complete your hours! 2. You can purchase a pre-paid credit card at Wal-Mart or a local bank. 3. You can sign up for a free paypal account at

Q. I have been told to find my own site. Should I still register here?
A. Yes, Be sure to include your address and contact us after you register. We will help you search for non-profit worksites near your home. All worksites have different requirements for workers and you may have to contact the worksite directly to make sure they have hours available and ask if they will accept you.

Q. Do Worksites need to register?
A. Worksite Managers should register their location if they want to view and manage hours for several workers assigned to their site.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Please click here to register or click the Paypal button below. After you complete registration, you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions. Follow these instructions and you can have your court ordered community service hours completed quickly and easily.

Online options for those who Need Court ordered community service options.
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