Easter Special for CS List 123

Please Read Carefully

Full List only $9.95

You are signing up for our Community Service list of local non profit options near your home. Easter Special price is $9.95 After you submit payment you will receive an email with a list of Court approved Non-Profit worksites where you can start right away. You can contact these worksites right away and print the list if needed. These are locations near your home where you can complete hours. This list is customized for your address and will be emailed to you only after your payment is received.
With this option - It is your responsibility to contact the worksites and arrange your hours. We will not track your hours and it will be your responsibility to receive proof of hours served from each site. If you would like us to supply your Timesheet, please see the Full Service option below. When you purchase, be sure to include your address so we can send your customized list right away.

If you would prefer the Full service option where we contact worksites for you, keep track of your records and supply verified timesheets to the courts, we do have this option and can provide this service for you. Please click here for full service instructions...... Frequently asked Questions.
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