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My name is ________________ . I got into some trouble and now I need to complete hours for Court Ordered Community Service. I would like to complete these hours as soon as possible and would like to know if I can do any of the hours at your non-profit location?

I am available to do a variety of cleaning, landscaping and general labor tasks. I can take out trash, sweep walks, water plants, vacuum/mop floors or other tasks you need done. I would be grateful for any hours you could allow me to complete at your location.

I have signed up with a website that will make it very easy to keep track of all my records and also make it easy for you to contact me. If you have anything I can do to complete my hours - Please register at: www.CommunityService101.com/worksite and they will add me to your location. Please see website if you have any questions.

If you decide to give me the opportunity, I will agree to show up as scheduled, complete all assignments to the best of my ability and follow all rules and requirements at your location. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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