Court Ordered Community Service in Chicago

Chicago - Court Approved Community Service Guide.

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Court Ordered Community Service for Chicago

After you sign up you will receive a list of court approved worksites for Chicago and Cook County. Many of these worksites are looking for immediate help and many of them will have projects where you can start right away.

Community Service 101 will help you to get your hours done as quickly and easily as possible. We will prepare County reports as proof that you are completing your hours as assigned and provide you with the paperwork you need for court when you finish your hours.

Cook County Illinois Community Service Unit

Community service in Cook County is a condition of probation that requires probationers to perform services without compensation for the benefit of the community. This sanction not only provides a service to the community but also enhances accountability and helps instill responsibility. Community service can be ordered by a judge or by the supervising probation officer.

Officers assigned to the Community Service Unit are responsible for monitoring all community service mandates. Officers monitor the probationers' compliance by visiting community service sites and consulting agency representatives. If a probationer fails to comply with a community service mandate, the case may be brought back to court for a violation of probation hearing.

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