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How To Buy Community Service Hours
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Can I pay for Community Service Hours

Can I Buy Community Service Hours

Pay for Community Service Hours

This is a frequently asked question. People who have been assigned Community Service hours are asking this question everyday. It seems there are a lot of people out there who would rather pay for community service hours instead of going somewhere and working the hours. This question is like a double-edged sword. On one hand there are several non-profit organizations out there who will let you buy community service hours and then after you pay for your community service hours, they will give you a letter saying you completed your hours. Most of these letters will not say that you were actually allowed to buy your community service hours. Now for the other side of the sword. If the Judge told you to do Community Service Hours, he or she probably wanted you to do something helpful for the community. If the Judge wanted you to buy your community service hours then he or she would have said go out there and pay some non-profit to give you a letter that says you did community service hours. So basically, you already know the answer to this question. Can you buy community service hours? - Yes you can. Is it the right thing to do? - No it's not. Can you get away with it? Maybe. But consider this - Did you get away with your original crime? Probably not and this is the reason you got in trouble and also the reason you have to do community service now. Chances are that you could get in trouble if you try to pay for your community service hours and you could even get in more trouble if you get caught.

How to Pay for Community Service Hours

So now you have read the paragraph above and decided you still want to pay for your hours. OK - So here are your options. Most non-profits will not let you pay for community service hours. They know this is wrong and will not allow it. Some non-profits will even refuse you or ban you from working community service hours if you even ask about paying for hours. As a side note, I do work for a non-profit and I can tell you that anyone who even asks about paying for community service hours is told NO it is not allowed. If the courts wanted you to buy hours they would not have given you community service. So this cuts out your local non-profits. Now the next place you can look is on the internet and if you are reading this page, I'm gonna assume you are already looking on the internet. Organizations who do offer community service hours for pay tend to advertise on the internet but if you do decide to buy hours from one of these organizations keep this in mind - "Buyer Beware" Read the details and be sure you know what you are paying for. Once you send them your money, it will be hard if not impossible to get it back. If you do choose to buy your community service hours keep in mind that your court may not accept the hours. And of course, you do have a third option - That would be to actually do your community service hours as assigned and not try to pay for community service. I personally would go with actually doing the hours but if you choose to buy hours and go with a shortcut it's your choice.

How to Get out of Community Service

Ordered by the Court

So you are thinking about getting out of community service ordered by the court? Well, you do not have many options, but there have been cases and there is always an exception to the rule. For example: In one case a person assigned to complete community service hours was in a terrible car accident and was in a coma for three weeks. Through the help of his lawyer and much documentation by the hospital he was able to get out of doing community service because the judge accepted the doctors estimate on the time that it would take for that person to recover from the accident; which happened to be two years of rehabilitation. In other words unless you have become physically unable to perform the service and have proof three times over you will still be required to perform the community service. Sometimes even those with severe physical limitations will still be required to perform community service duties.

What happens if I don't do my Community Service

Ordered by the Court

Another question we hear frequently. If you don't do your community service hours as ordered, you will be required to tell the Probation Dept. or the Court why you did not complete your hours. If you are on Probation, this will cause all kinds of problems for you because you cannot get off probation until you have satisfied all terms of your individual probation. This means you may have additional Court dates and additional fees to pay for court or probation fees. The Judge may also decide to revoke your probation because you did not do your community service in the time required. If you do get your probation revoked, you may have to go to jail. The Judge may also decide to fine you for not getting your hours done per the courts instructions. The worst part is that you may actually have to do the community service hours even after you get out of jail or some Judges may want to double your hours required as an additional sanction for not getting the original hours done on time.

How to Buy Community Service Hours


This page is provided for your information only. CS101 staff does not recommend or encourage you to buy hours or pay for any community service program which offers you hours in exchange for money. If you received community service hours the Judge or person who gave them to you probably wants you to perform actual physical labor that will benefit the community where you live. CS101 does not exchange hours for money. We do however offer a service to help you to find places to do your hours legally so that you can complete your hours without breaking the law. We also offer free of charge a time-sheet which you can fill out online and use to keep track of your time worked at legitimate non-profit organizations. You can print this time-sheet out and hand it to the Judge when you finish your community service hours but please note the time-sheet does need to be signed by a supervisor at a non-profit organization before it can be approved and accepted by your court or probation officer. Click Here to sign up for our service and we can help you get your Community Service Hours Done.

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