Where to do Community Service

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Where to do Community Service

Non-Profits near you who are looking for Immediate help.
FREE copy of our CS101 guide to Finding Community Service Projects.
Community Service Specialist assigned to help and answer all your questions.
Timesheets & Completion letter with all your information included.
Work at Home projects info*

When you subscribe above we can help you immediately with where to do Community Service. You will receive a list of several non-profit worksites near your home who are looking for immediate help. These are locations where you can start right away and they will provide you with a letter of completion on agency letterhead when you complete your hours. This list will be emailed to you after we have received your address.

Where to do Community Service Guide

Are you ready to complete your hours quickly and effortlessly? Our CS101 guide will give you the tools you need to find court ordered community service projects. After you read this simple guide written by experts you will be able to quickly find opportunities to complete your hours.
You can review dozens of Community Service opportunities and choose something you would like to do or something near your home. You could even find projects that you can do online from the comfort of home. This guide is included with your program and will be emailed to you by your Community Service Specialist.

Where to do Community Service Program Information

Your Community Service Specialist will help you find assignments, fill out your timesheet and work with you to make sure you have everything you need to verify your hours and complete your community service.

The charge for Full Service is $45.00 per month and this charge will end as soon as you have completed all hours. You may cancel at any time. Most workers who choose this option can complete all hours in 1 month.
After you submit payment you will receive an email from CS101 with further information. This email will answer many frequently asked questions and help you to get started right away. Our services are guaranteed and we will be able to find a worksite appropriate for your community service needs.

The monthly service fee is a fee that we charge to keep track of the hours you work toward your community service requirements. We agree to provide a secure place for you to record your hours and we will maintain these records for you until you finish your hours. We will also prepare reports when required as proof that you are completing your hours as assigned. This service fee will end as soon as you have completed all hours and received your Final Report for Court. Your Community Service Coordinator will help you to get your hours done as quickly and easily as possible.

When you purchase, be sure to include your address so we can send your customized list right away.
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