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The Community Service 101 program (CS101) gives court appointed individuals the opportunity to serve the community, save taxpayers the cost of incarceration, and provide manpower to non-profit and government agencies. Thousands of hours of labor are provided to the community at no cost through this program.

CS101 is used to track hours completed by sentenced offenders in lieu of jail and usually as a condition of probation.

CS101 will accept adult and juvenile community service offenders referred by any County, State or Federal Court System as well as offenders who may be referred by local law enforcement with assigned community service as a condition of their release.

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When you Register you will be asked for details about your court ordered community service or your worksite.

CS101 has been created to connect community service workers with Non-Profit organizations across the US and also to help both the worksite and worker to keep accurate track of Community Service hours performed.

If you have any questions about the website please send email to and be sure to include your username so we can answer your question quickly.

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